How It Works: Unlock Your Chance for a Magical Christmas

  1. Purchase 'The Paramount Bracelet': When you purchase 'The Paramount Bracelet,' you're not just embracing love, but also securing your ticket to potential enchantment! 🎁

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  3. Mark Your Calendar for November 11 (11/11): This date holds the key to your dreams! On November 11th, we will host a magical draw on our website and Instagram Stories, where the winners will be carefully selected.

  4. Watch for Your Token Number: During the draw, your token number will be prominently displayed on our website. Keep your fingers crossed and your hopes high as you eagerly search for your 'D' followed by those 6 digits!

  5. Receive Your Golden Winner Email: If fate smiles upon you, you will receive a congratulatory email with further instructions on how to claim your prize. Imagine the joy of being one of the 10 lucky individuals chosen for this extraordinary Christmas adventure!

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